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Carolyn Jarvis Art

About Carolyn Jarvis

Carolyn Jarvis is an artist in Brisbane, Australia who works mainly with palette knives to create oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings that are colourful, semi-abstract and expressionistic.

She teaches fun and inclusive art classes for students of all ages from her home studio in Graceville. Carolyn also enjoys conducting personalised children’s and adults’ Painting Parties at your home or chosen venue.

An imaginative Queensland artist and member of Brisbane Institute of Art, Carolyn is a mother of three children, the youngest of whom has autism, so her household is always full of activity. Carolyn creates from her home studio in Brisbane, Australia. When she has time, she enjoys having other creatives join her for a day of painting.

Finding Her Love for Art

Having taught secondary maths at a private girls’ school on the Gold Coast, she found her love for art late in life. It was a wonderful surprise for her to experience the joy of embracing her creativity. Her paintings take you on a visual journey of colour and movement, showing a unique interpretation of the world in a joyful and expressionistic way.

I grew up on the Gold Coast, always loving the rush of sensations you feel on the beach or out on the boat—the myriad of colours, the changing natural light, the wind, water and sand, and of course the wonderful mixture of sounds and smells that go with it all. I like to embrace all these sensations and immerse myself in the creation of my artworks. I strive to make the image come alive on the canvas, giving the viewer a personal connection to each piece

- Carolyn Jarvis

Her Painting Style

Carolyn mainly works with palette knives and acrylic paint, sometimes combining her materials with various media, to create a unique texture and spontaneity that reveal a fun and colourful view of life.

She uses a bold, colourful palette applied in many layers of intuitive, sometimes non-realistic, colour and gesture that build and change. This way, she can capture what starts in her imagination and lead the painting to its completion on canvas.

The idea is just the start—the layers and the energy are so much a part of each piece. Some subjects become favourites. Each artwork takes on a unique personality which is revealed to me throughout the process, allowing me to indulge in the sheer pleasure of creating.

- Carolyn Jarvis

Where Her Works Are Showcased

She displays her works online and at prestigious art shows, including the Brisbane Grammar Art Show and the Rotary Art Spectacular. Her artworks are held in private collections throughout Australia and overseas; these include her original paintings and her in-demand commissioned artworks.


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